Welcome to a ‘Sip of History.

This project has been a long time coming!  I have long wanted to share my collections and research on local history.  Particularly history focusing on the Gulf South and Mississippi.  The south has a rich and unique history, but the Gulf Coast’s history is particularly spicy.  I find interesting facts and stories daily in my job as a local history librarian.  

There are so many things that make the Gulf Coast unique from the people, food, and history.  I have traveled the world, but find the history of the Gulf Coast particularly riveting.  I constantly search for stories that may be overlooked.  I am more likely to talk about our love of French dressing on pizza than schooners.  Did you know Long Beach was at one point the radish capital of the world?  Or that we have the longest man made beach?  

Here, I would like to give some less known events and communities to be acknowledged and enjoyed by history novices and experts alike.  Please be considerate and respectful of others in this space.  Hateful, fake, spam, and other like posts will be deleted immediately.  

Please contact me on Instagram @asipofhistory if you have topic suggestions, want to collaborate, or need research assistance!  

Relaxing view of Gulfport Harbor.

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